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She did it while Tom was there. How bizarre and maybe disrespectful too. Instead she was angry with him for recalling the disturbing incident of her bad conduct in public. What if someone walked by? What if the cameras were rolling? She has a twisted view of who should be angry with who. Expressing her sexuality while being his partner and in his presence is just sick. She is demented and perverse to think he would be okay with it. He was probably in shock. Fakery in the bakery — just like LVP!! I saw the flower PUMP wall was also fake fake fake like a step n repeat at a funeral home. Frumpy grandma decor with plastic greenery.

Oh God, I used to love that scent! Does anyone recognize Brittany in the opening sequence of each show? What is going on there? Thank you. Did anyone else notice that James seemed less than sober at the roller rink party? In my opinion anyway. At the cigar bar too. James is an addict. If I were Tom and not getting sex and then the gf gets oral in the back of my car in front of me, I would be upset. I think he wants to be cool not like, uncool , but it really does bother him.

Tom has good reason to be upset with Ariana. Why not tell the guys what she did? It is shocking. It is cheating. She has been playing him and making excuses for giving him the cold shoulder. He is an abused boyfriend in love with a lesbian. She should just own it and stop holding him back from marriage and children. They could have picked a better representative for the Trans community than this one. Her borderline personality traits just mean chaos.

Lady C! Which is kinda meh. The edit was pretty low key. I thought the same thing. He must have told James that he hooked up with LaLa and she did a headstand? What ever that is, have to check Urban Dictionary I guess But they are all so open about their hookups why does this one bother LaLa and Jax so much?

One of them had to be cheating when it happened. Her vagina seems very outgoing on full display at the slightest request from…well anyone. Ariana is not shy at all! It was she who recently explained call times on Twitter and talked about how this is a TV show and a job for them…. What about their relationship? Also the guy mugging for the camera in the first photo could be Red Scarf Guys brother.

At least to me, the person with no facial recognition skills. I think Ariana is great. I also think she deserves so much more than Tom Sandoval. He comes off like a fucking child. I see her with someone as intelligent and mature as she, someone who challenges her, but what the hell do I know?

I see a small part of their lives, so maybe the dude is just playing a role. Such a great point!! I also think she deep down knows she has outgrown Tom. I know the thought of marriage terrified me and said I would never get married until I met someone I knew I wanted to spend my life with.

If you are a woman in the wrong body, once you have fixed that body, why do you call yourself transgender? And why make everyone aware of it like its a personality trait? Help me understands, internet!!! No questions asked, no need for further discussion. Mark, thanks for your thoughtful question. The biggest thing is trans women are women. Same idea. When a quote unquote straight looking woman like Billie claims her trans status, it helps people recognize ALL trans women as women.

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Billie has been through a lot to reclaim a body that matches her brain chemistry. She deserves to be proud and recognize her trans identity. Perfect answer for me. For example, I think this is a timing thing and this period of time is about education, acceptance will come I think very quickly.

A lot of locker room type giggles and questions behind her back. She was always very honest with me, I learned a lot. Billie has a chip on her shoulder. I do too about certain things. Thanks guys! I love that this is a place where I can genuinely ask my Ignorant Bastard questions and get thoughtful answers, without someone instantly going to a place of negativity. I understand a little better now… Who knew Tamaras gossip site would be a place of education??? Am I the only one who Scheana managed to get exhausted during this episode? My Gosh! Also, when will Ariana leave Tom?

Poor Tom, hopefully Kristen is not around to try to get him back. Nah…she would be too busy trying to bring James down Poor Raquel, she thought she had a strong role this season. Lala summed it up :Sorry. Share this:. Comments Lady Cocotte, your recaps are literary masterpieces! The title of the show, Vanderpump Rules, seems innocuous enough. Who could have known? Thanks, English Rose. I write about trash, you ponder the meaning of life. My work here is done! You are the Hemingway of trash. Truly gifted, a great eye for idiots. Tom Tom looked good. I want more shots of that gear cabinet thing.

Thanks for another great recap Lady C. Help me understand this. He is hardly worse than the rest of the douchebags. The bitches treat Billie way better than they treat Scheana. Billie would benefit greatly by having a sit down lunch with Lauren Foster. Dumb by nature AND nurture. If Arianna is godmother they MAY have a fighting chance. Winning in life ….

I cannot take any Scheana scenes…her vocal fry is on another level. I see your handstand Lala, I may need to try that move! I wish they would just let James in the group, he is hilarious when not on the defense. That was a dismal review. Now we find out that she likes women and probably prefers them, which explains a lot. Tom blows her cover by telling the truth, which is a good thing. Fascinating stuff.

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Billie is a thirsty bitch who will do whatever she can for screen time. While LaLa is rough around the edges, Billie is certainly hurting her cause. Adriana plays the fence more than Sheana does lately. Billie is looking for screen time and playing the only card she has. Why is there an arrow pointing to the dude in the first pic? Giorgio was my favorite to wear back in the s. There is nothing more stank than rancid perfume.

When that stuff gets old, throw it out. I laugh at it every week. Brittany has slept with Kristen, Arianna Jax. I have to keep reminding myself….

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