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About Plant Biology

Plant Biology. What issues do plant scientists research and help find solutions for?

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You should also check out our Transfer Students page. Plant Biology Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics Structure-led protein engineering can expand the effector recognition profile of plant intracellular NLR immune receptors, providing a proof-of-principle for the development of novel disease resistance mechanisms in plants.

Journal of Plant Biology

Plant Biology. Cell Biology Plant Biology In lateral roots, cells employ a novel pathway to cell edges to control directional growth, which acts independently of the leading paradigm of oriented deposition of cellulose microfibrils at faces.

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Evolutionary Biology Plant Biology The genomic architecture of allopatric species is a mosaic of many conserved genes and a few adaptive ones, reflecting balance between conservation of ancestral functions and evolution of new features. Evolutionary Biology Plant Biology Similar patterns of genomic divergence have been observed in the evolution of plant species separated by oceans. Biochemistry and Chemical Biology Plant Biology Genetic and biochemical analysis of two enzymes reveals that inositol pyrophosphate signaling molecules allow plants to sense and regulate cellular phosphate levels, and to take up more phosphate when needed.

Chromosomes and Gene Expression Plant Biology Simultaneous targeting of loci by pathways that promote euchromatin and heterochromatin primes transcribed genes for epimutations in the form of CG DNA methylation. Load more.