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  • For more information, click here. Synopsis Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. Get the job done and learn as you go. This book is concise and follows a clear, step-by-step tutorial approach. Find articles, ebooks, sample chapters and tables of contents for hundreds of books, and more reference resources on programming topics that matter to you. This framework lets you build HTML and JavaScript-based apps and still take advantage of native mobile device capabilities like camera, localStorage, geolocation, storage and much more, irrespective of the mobile platform you target.

    Make more money in less time! This book offers an examples-based approach on how to build PhoneGap-based HTML and JavaScript that integrates device features like geolocation, camera, storage, and more.

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    Do you want to develop mobile apps with Java and have them work on a variety of devices powered by iOS and Android? Using PhoneGap, mobile developers can write cross-platform mobile apps using standard HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS — and then deploy those apps to every leading mobile platform with little or no recoding. The open source PhoneGap platform has attracted immense interest amongst mobile developers, but its official documentation is sparse and incomplete.

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    Next, Wargo guides developers through configuring their PhoneGap development environments, creating a complete mobile app, and then configuring and building it for five leading mobile platforms: Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, WebOS, and Windows Phone. Up to now, though, PhoneGap was lacking complete, practical documentation.

    Experienced mobile developer John M. Wargo thoroughly introduces the PhoneGap platform, explaining what it is, what it does, and how it works. You will learn to build dynamic applications that interact with the native functionality on the device to create a rich, interactive experience for your users.


    PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Cookbook will help you break into the world of mobile application development. As more and more of our online life and daily activities evolve into the mobile landscape it has never been of more importance to start venturing into the world of mobile applications.

    This is a cookbook with each section written as a recipe in an informal, friendly style. Each recipe contains the complete code needed to build your applications, and plenty of screenshots showing the completed projects running on devices are included to assist you.

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    PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Cookbook will introduce the PhoneGap API to you in clear, concise sections, breaking down each recipe to achieve realistic working projects that can be applied to your own mobile applications. You will be shown how to use the mobile development framework to build applications that can be deployed and run on multiple mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. This book will explore the various methods and functions available using the API, and how to write code that interacts with the native functions, including geolocation sensors, contacts database, and native button events of the device to create powerful applications ready for the market place.

    This cookbook consists of recipes with plenty of example code and is full of screenshots to make the learning curve easier and quicker.

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    This book is for creative professionals, ideally with web development experience, who are interested in building applications for the emerging mobile market but do not want to learn a new SDK for every phone on the shelf. You should be comfortable with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and interested in learning the new advances in those technologies that allow for rich, native-style experiences. This book supports a beginner to advanced level of PhoneGap. With the explosive popularity of mobile apps and its much anticipated continued growth for the foreseeable future, developers will want to get their hands dirty and build some cool mobile apps.

    But we know that building mobile apps is not easy: we need to handle cross-platform issues, mobile devices of different screen sizes, not to mention traditional issues such as providing a content management system of the content served in the application. We leverage on some of the most popular open source projects: WordPress, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap and discover how they can be pieced together to build a fully functional cross platform mobile application.

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    This book looks at some of the most popular open source projects: WordPress, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap and breaks down the nitty gritty details on how to leverage on these projects to build a fully functional cross-platform mobile application with minimal coding and effort. You will start off by quickly going through the capabilities of WordPress. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer.

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