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We think we can solve things with our social security systems and our money. And so when real trouble comes we are often still looking in vain to those sources which cannot bring a remedy, instead of looking to the Lord. People are content to accept the verdict of the doctor in so many cases — they do not seriously consider this: that one Word from God can make all the difference in the world.

I notice that in John there were many people who were sick but only one man was healed.

Everyone was so busy focusing on that pool with its supposed healing properties that they ignored the Author of life and healing Himself when He came into the place. Even the crippled man himself who was healed seemed more focused on the pool than on the Lord. It is like this in hospitals and places where people have their hope and faith in doctors more than anything else.

When people have no other hope to cling onto, they are far more attentive to the promises of God with regard to divine healing. And it is quite possible that the Lord, being very good and compassionate, is especially interested in blessing the poor of this world. Many times they have stronger faith, because they are often not as distracted. Of course, this is not always the case. There are some rich people who are very focused on the Lord, and some poor people who are totally distracted and have no time for God. But more often than not it is the other way around. Another thing is this: if Western churches want to see more of the miraculous, they should give more place to ministers who are experienced in this area, and give more time to them in their pulpits.

I am amazed at how little this is done. I am not suggesting that miracle gifts should dominate the agenda of the church, but they have their place. The church leadership in the west has made it clear that they value entertainment more than the power of God. Musicians have become the chief ministers of the church in the west. It is no wonder that there is so little demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power when it is most needed. Improper Eating Habits.

As Christians, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians This is one very excellent reason to care for them. Many in the west are addicted to junk food. Highly processed foods often contain too much salt, sugar and fat while denying the body essential nutrients. To make matters worse, many of the vitamins, minerals and other trace elements we need no longer exist in the same proportions in the vegetables coming on the market today.

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The soil has been depleted. The net result of this is that lots of people fill their bodies with inferior food leaving their bodies depleted and vulnerable to attack. It has been shown that eating too much food is the root cause of much disease. This is especially so if it is the wrong kind of food. When people indulge in gluttony, not only do they grieve the Holy Spirit, who is the administrator of divine healing, but they allow toxins to accumulate in their body.

The kidneys and liver cannot cope with all the toxins, so they build up. If people would fast regularly and eat well at other times, a lot of toxins would be eliminated and disease would be much rarer. If people continue to violate these natural principles and grieve the Spirit of God, two things happen. One is that the body cannot cope with the toxins and something will eventually break down. The second thing is that the very act of grieving the Spirit of God in this way can be a barrier to divine healing. This barrier can be removed by a change of attitude, by repentance.

There were many food laws given at that time which had a lot of value in terms of promoting health.

Healing is one of God’s Benefits

We are not under strict food laws today but the principle of wise eating and taking care of our bodies still applies. We are supposed to be in control of our own appetites. Some ministers of the gospel fail to prepare themselves for the serious responsibility of ministering to the sick and oppressed in the name of the Lord. Then, when a more challenging case of need is presented, such as a paralyzed person, not enough power is operating and the minister lacks the conviction that anything definite is going to happen.

Jesus rebuked his own disciples for their unbelief in the case of the epileptic boy Matthew He told them that that kind of demon only comes out through prayer and fasting. The disciples had obviously failed to do this, and so they were powerless when it came to the test. Their faith was deficient. The problem is with our spiritual preparation. Having failed to pray and fast and consider as we should, we cannot operate in faith when people so desparately need us to bring the real compassion and ministry of Jesus to them. Ministers who do not understand the prayer of faith see Mark are a barrier to the divine healing of many.

The classic example of this in the Scripture was the blind and mute man whom Jesus healed in Matthew Even the Pharisees understood that Jesus healed this man by casting out demons. However, they said Jesus did it by the ruler of demons. You can command such spirits to leave. Just believe that they do when you give the command. Such spirits cannot continue to resist a word spoken in faith by a spirit-empowered person.

When the symptons of disease go after prayer and return some short time later, it is almost always the work of an evil spirit. Matthew reveals that unclean spirits do seek to return. Some spirits are driven away by the touch of the anointing, and this causes relief. If the person so cured is not vigilant, does not seek God for the Holy Spirit, or does not learn how to use faith to rebuke the evil spirit, it is possible that the evil spirit will return and the person will be worse off than before — additional unbelief and confusion will be present.

When faced with returning symptons, we should without hesitation command the evil spirit to leave. But the main thing is to command the spirit to leave. A lot of the barriers to divine healing are constructed in one way or another by the work of evil spirits. For example, the mindsets which oppose divine healing are promoted and defended by evil spirits.

When the Kingdom of God comes to our bodies, we are healed. When we resist the Kingdom of God, and resist the Holy Spirit, by impenitence, we may miss out on many blessings. Any sin can be a barrier to God, but the chief enemies of divine healing are unforgiveness towards others, and unbelief concerning the Word of God. God may permit sickness to remain on people who are Outside His Perfect Will Another barrier is disobedience to the call of God. I have known a minister to be healed immediately when he began preaching the gospel publicly.

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If people are called by God to serve Him, and they know it, should God heal them so they can watch the offerings of television in greater comfort? Perhaps they mix a bit of the fire with a bit of coldness, and the result is lukewarmness. The sin of lukewarmness is a barrier to healing. This sin is common today, and God finds it repulsive. So much so that He promises to spew the lukewarm out of His mouth. People whose love is set on the world are grieving the Holy Spirit.

They are not applying their hearts diligently to the Word of God, nor are they full of the Holy Spirit. Is it any wonder then, that they receive no divine healing? If the church in general is lukewarm, it is to be expected that seekers after divine healing will have to face the discouragement of hearing faith destroying remarks from possibly well-meaing church members who think according to the natural mind and not according to the mind of the Spirit.

Gentle words discouraging faith in God, such as exhortations just to accept the situation as it is, can come from people who are lukewarm and just trying to be nice people. God Himself will hand us over to tormentors if we do not forgive our brethren from our heart, according to Matthew That is why Jesus taught on the need to practice forgiveness just after giving us those wonderful words on faith and the prayer of faith. Wrongs Unrighted. Those who have wronged their neighbour in any way must ask his forgiveness.

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Many who were terribly afflicted were healed as soon as this was done. The faith that pleases God involves a belief that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. God will make it worth their while. It is amazing how some Christians will spend tens of thousands of dollars to obtain healing through the medical profession, but do not consider it worthwhile investing some serious time pursuing divine healing by developing their faith.

People who invest their time to develop their relationship with God end up spiritually richer and have the potential to receive physical and other benefits from the hand of God as well. But people who only invest their money in attempts by modern medicine to restore their health are denying God the opportunity of receiving the glory that would come to Him. Not every healing is instantaneous. When prayer is offered in faith, and hands are layed on, or the Word of God is received, we should consider it to be like a shot of very powerful divine medicine.

The Holy Spirit goes in and begins a work. If the healing is not manifested 5 seconds or 5 minutes later we should not consider that the divine medicine is of no value. No, we wait patiently and confidently — regarding the matter as settled — because we trust God and His divine medicine to work in our bodies. Sometimes, especially in the context of evangelistic outreaches, healings will manifest immediately as a sign to the people of the power of God.

Not all healings manifest as miracles. Further ministry perfected the healing. Therefore, not all healings are instantaneous miracles. The problem occurs when people, not realizing this, cast away their confidence if they observe that they feel the same immediately after prayer ministry. Perhaps the devil whispers that nothing happened. At such times, if our faith is based on the Word of God, if our confidence is not based on what we experience but on what God says, then our experience will come into line with the Word of God.

Its important not to adopt a skeptical or doubting approach, not expecting healing if it does not manifest immediately. Instead we should begin to act our faith in some way, even if it is simply through expressing thanks to God for it. He was hearing perfectly for several days.

The Lord showed him what happened.

He yielded to it. I refuse to allow you to put that foul thing on my body after Jesus has already taken it for me. So, you might as well pack it up and go home right now!

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You have to stand for it, and fight the good fight of faith. You can win because Jesus gave you everything you need to win 2, years ago. He took your weakness and gave you His strength. He took your sin and gave you His righteousness. He took your sickness and gave you His health. He took every defeat and gave you His victory in its place.

God’s Loving Gift of Miraculous Healing

The only record of anything hindering Jesus from accomplishing the will of God to heal everyone occurred in Nazareth. He could do no mighty works because of their unbelief. Unbelief will leave you sick. The Word of God defeats unbelief. When a person receives the Word, doubt, defeat and discouragement have to leave.

Let the Word of God drive it out. Your life depends on it. Faith should be highly developed in the Church concerning healing. If it were, Christians would be as quick to believe they are healed as they are to believe they are saved. But seeds of doubt and unbelief have polluted the hearts of believers.

Remember, doubt comes by hearing unbelief, so be careful what you listen to! God wants you healed. But He works only by faith. They worry about whether their medication is working, they think about whether or not they should go back to the doctor, get a different doctor, or try yet another special diet. God loves you so much.

He wants you to give every care, worry and anxiety to Him. The Word works. Let the Word fight its own fight. Miracles confirm the spoken word of Jesus. He heals to fulfill His personal word to you. Am made whole spirit soul and body in the name of Jesus Christ. His blood has brought forgiveness healing and deliverance for my soul praise the lord Almighty. I believe I am the temple of holy spirit.

Expect healing according to God's will

Keep praying for me to remain untouched by evil spirit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. His heart is yearning for the lost to be saved now! Thank you for your part in this worldwide ministry. What a blessing you are to souls around the globe.

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